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Analysis of six reasons for poor polishing performance of stainless steel

After the stainless steel plate workpiece is processed, the finished stainless steel products will have some defects, such as surface scratch, surface no trace, internal pockmarks, etc. At this time, it is necessary to polish the finished parts. Polishing is a key step in the beautification of stainless steel finished products, but not every workpiece needs to be polished more. After polishing, stainless steel products will become more beautiful and glossy, rich in texture.
In the actual polishing of stainless steel products, there are many factors that will affect the polishing effect, resulting in the stainless steel products after polishing can not achieve the expected effect, so what factors affect the results of stainless steel polishing?
First: stretch. In the process of stretch polishing, we should stretch the length of stainless steel properly, so that the deformation and the appearance of small black spots will not affect the polishing results.
Second: material. The hardness of stainless steel plate is different,and there is a certain requirement for the strong hardness of stainless steel during polishing. If the hardness of the original material is too low, it is not suitable for polishing. Only simple polishing can be carried out, and the polishing of stainless steel products with low hardness will affect the original BQ (polishing performance) of stainless steel.
Third: self defect. The original defects of stainless steel plate, such as surface wear, sand holes, stains, unsmooth, polluted and other factors, will affect the polishing performance. Defects such as unsmooth, polluted and stained can be treated in the later stage. However, the severely injured ones such as sand holes and pockmarks can not be treated by polishing. They can only be filled by other means currently. Then, they can be filled by polishing Polish.
Fourth: some defects on the surface of raw materials. Such as scratch, pitting, pickling, etc.
Fifth: after deep drawing products, the surface of the area with large deformation will also produce small black spots, or will it affect the polishing performance.
Sixth: material factors of raw materials. If the hardness is too low, it is difficult to polish. In addition, the hardness is too low. Orange peel is easy to appear on the surface during deep drawing, thus affecting the polishing performance. For materials with high hardness, their polishing performance is relatively better.
Stainless steel products are the general designation of household and industrial products processed with stainless steel as the main raw material. Stainless steel products generally use 316L series for acid and alkali resistance, SUS304 series for food hygiene, 430201 series for general use. 201 series is widely used in all aspects of life, including stainless steel cabinets and garbage cans. But for most of the stainless steel products, in order to achieve a good effect and beautiful appearance, stainless steel products will go through the polishing process in production, only a few products do not need to be polished. For raw materials, good polishing performance can ensure the simple and fast polishing process.
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