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Common problems of stainless steel screen panel in use

For the machine screen products, its operation has the matching of stainless steel screen plate, but in the process of use, the feed port of the machine screen appears back spraying phenomenon, which is caused by the hole conveying pipe on the stainless steel screen plate is blocked, the aggregate bag is too short and the air permeability is poor, etc., if you want to eliminate this kind of phenomenon, first find out the reason of the situation, then change the screening equipment in a targeted way, and Besides, it is also a good solution to dredge the blocked pipe and replace the aggregate bag.
The machine screen has abnormal sound in use, and the internal objects have obvious falling off. If an iron block and hard materials are mixed into the crusher, the machine screen will make an abnormal sound. At this time, the power should be cut off immediately to stop the machine for inspection, find out the sundries in the materials, and replace the screen plate in time. In this method, the active metal (such as zinc or zinc alloy) is connected to the protected metal. When electrochemical corrosion occurs, the active metal acts as the negative electrode to generate an oxidation reaction, thus reducing or preventing the corrosion of the protected metal. This method is often used to protect the steel piles in the water and the shell of the sea-going ship, such as the protection of the steel gate in the water. Usually, several zinc blocks are welded below the waterline of the ship's shell or on the rudder close to the propeller to prevent the corrosion of the ship's shell.
When the screen body vibrates strongly, the hammer pieces of the screen are improperly arranged, the weight deviation of the corresponding hammer pieces, the damage of the screen bearing or the loosening of the foot screw can cause the screen body to vibrate strongly. To deal with this situation, the hammers can be newly arranged and installed, so as to balance the weight of the hammers in the counter tip group and fasten the screws that loosen the bottom foot of the machine screen. There are several reasons for the low grinding efficiency of the machine screen, such as the high moisture content of the raw materials to be crushed, the fast or uneven feeding, the severe wear of the hammer, the damage of the conveying pipeline of the machine screen seat cover, the short or poor air permeability of the aggregate bag deposited under the stainless steel screen plate. The treatment method should be to dry the raw materials and then crush them. This is made of stainless steel cast steel carbon steel. When working, the feed should be as small as possible and many times as possible, to keep the feeding uniform, to replace the hammer, to repair or replace the damaged base cover transmission pipeline, to clean up the powder deposited under the bottom of the stainless steel screen panel, to update the aggregate bag, and to increase the air permeability of the aggregate bag.

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