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General situation of future development of wedge wire mineral screen

The future development of the wedge wire mineral screen with the progress of the times, now the wedge wire mineral screen production enterprises pay more and more attention to the research and development of efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. For example, the design criteria of long life and low energy consumption are adopted in the design of the wedge wire mineral screen. In practice, low environmental load data are used in consumption, and harmful production data such as Freon, chlorinated rubber and resin are not used as much as possible. In order to minimize the decontamination and optimize the comprehensive cost of eliminating parts and components, in the initial stage of design of mining machinery products, especially the screen mesh, we should consider the scrap parts to solve the problems of simplicity, low cost, small purification, easy breaking of parts and components, combustion treatment or fuel recovery. The use of renewable materials and resources, such as the promotion of fuel cell screening and geothermal resources mining techniques and equipment.
While encouraging the development of new mineral resources, the state has also strengthened the strength of the market for the use of the wedge wire mineral screen. With a large number of small metallurgy, small coal mines and small cement enterprises being closed, new large-scale beneficiation plants, large-scale coal preparation plants and large-scale cement plants have been established one after another, which puts forward higher requirements for wedge wire mineral screening equipment, and urgently needs energy-saving and environmental protection equipment with large capacity, high separation efficiency, and reliable operation. The initiative, large-scale and high-efficiency energy-saving of mine environmental protection equipment will become the focus of future research of the mining screen equipment manufacturing enterprises.
In addition, the interest of new environmental protection and energy-saving screening equipment is rapidly decreasing with the improvement of industry scope and skills. With the decrease of interest, the investors of the screen are more willing to purchase the environmental protection and energy-saving equipment with affordable prices and reliable quality as the preferred equipment for production. It has been proved for many years that the stainless steel wire used in the production of the screen mesh is of great importance for the production of high-quality screen mesh.

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