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High-quality Water Well Screens Resin Traps

YUBO specializes in the production of high-quality resin traps. YUBO resin traps adopt wedge wire water well screens. The materials generally are stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321, Hastelloy, duplex steel, or as per your request.

YUBO water well screen resin traps are made of the wedge wire and the support rod. The v-shaped wire is welded and wound on the support rod. They can be manufactured with a very small slot size and yet still maintain the necessary open area to minimize friction head loss. YUBO resin traps can trap resin particles that are carried out of the ion exchanger with water.

The resin trap is a very important role in the water treatment systems and high-purity water systems. Its importance is manifested in this aspect. When using resin for online water treatment, when the quality of the resin is poor, the water pressure is disturbed, and the resin cylinder wall is damaged, the resin will enter the entire water system, which will affect the normal operation of other equipment in the system, so it needs to be installed resin trap.

Benefits of YUBO water well screen resin traps
1. High mechanical strength can bear large pressure drop.
2. Fine filtration, can capture extremely small particles.
3. Wedge wire structure, good backwashing ability.
4. Resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, long service life.

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. has a whole set of quality management systems. The quality of YUBO water well screen resin traps is guaranteed. Welcome to contact us for product details.

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Wedge Wire Screen Resin Traps

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