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How to Change Your Air Filter

It's actually a pretty straightforward process, so it might be easier than you think.

1.Make sure your system is turned off before you do anything!

2.Locate your air filter. This will likely be where your return (where air is drawn back from your home into your system) is, either on the wall or ceiling, with a grille covering. If not, it will be where your air handling unit is, usually in a closet or your basement or attic—you'll find a little box where the air comes into the unit.

3.Remove the grille or open the box, depending on your system. If you have a grille, most have tabs you can pull up to open, so you can access the filter without a screwdriver.

4.Find the filter inside. The filter should have the size printed on it, or at the very least, a model number you can look up to identify it. Make sure you buy a filter that's the same size.

5.Remove the dirty filter, and look for any issues. If it's unusually dirty, for example, that's a sign that you should be replacing it more frequently. You should also look for gaps in the filter, which could indicate that your filter isn't big enough or requires some gasketing to make it fit properly.

6.Put the new filter in, and replace the grille or cover. Now you're good to go! Just mark down the date on your calendar so you know when to check it next.

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