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How to Maintenance of Candle Filters

Candle Filters are very perfect suited for handling flammable, toxic and corrosive materials because they are autoclaved and designed for hazardous environments when high pressure and safe operation are required. Also, they may be readily jacketed for applications whenever hot or cold temperatures are to be preserved. These features are not possible on Filterpresses which require the opening of plates to the atmosphere by one to allow cake discharge at the end of each cycle.


The Candle Filter consists of three major components:

1) The vessel

2) The filtering elements

3) The cake discharge mechanism


All these components may be constructed from exotic materials of construction and heated to meet the process requirements


Maintenance of Candle Filters 


The Candle Filter requires attention regularly to safety devices and automation features that accompany modern filters.


The space above the filter should have a hoisting device and sufficient headroom to lift each candle and move it horizontally to a location adjacent to the filter tank. It is recommended to have a special rig that will hold the candle for maintenance. Space must also be allocated for the cover which may be either hinged or removed.


The major components that require attention are:


-- The filter tank must conform to an Unfired Pressure Vessel code, and checked periodically as required by the safety regulations.

-- The pressure relief valve that is located on the top of the tank must be checked for emergency functioning.

-- The clamps that seal the upper and lower ends of the filtering medium to the core.

-- The large diameter caulking gasket of the dished top head cover. The ends must be cut in an angle to ensure a perfect seal.

-- The hinged head cover locking bolts.

-- The cleanliness of the filtrate sight glass that monitor on-line or visually enables inspection of the filtrate clarity.

-- The interlock that disables opening the cake discharge when the vessel is still under pressure.

-- The maintenance hoist above the filter must pull out the candles vertically so that they will not hit the tank wall.

-- The condition of the filter medium, cloth or mesh screen, must be done periodically to ensure that they are not damaged.

-- The vent on top of the head must be checked for free evacuation of air.

-- The filter must not be overfilled with cake since this causes the candles to bend so they must be checked periodically.

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