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How to ensure the smoothness of the wedge wire screen

What kind of wedge wire screen is more popular? In specific applications, smoothness is the primary consideration for customers. How to ensure the smoothness of the product has become a key link in the manufacturing process of the manufacturer.
In order to improve the surface finish of the wedge wire screen, it is first necessary to retain the cutting resistance and to ensure the collapse of the front side. This is very important in the screen processing, so as to lay the foundation for the subsequent work of improving the screen finish.
Secondly, in the process of screen processing, there will often be a phenomenon, that is, burrs appear in the polishing process, which requires secondary polishing with sandpaper. After the burrs are removed, they can be polished and cleaned many times. Further shaping.
In addition, the smoothness of the cut of the wedge wire screen is very important for the application of the screen. In the shearing process, because the smoothness of the fracture is reduced, there are many examples of fracture. Therefore, improving the smoothness of the cut is the most important thing for every screen cutter. local. Even in conventional shearing, when the cutting edge is sharply worn, the smoothness of the screen fracture will be reduced in the case of welding or burning. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the cutting process.
The above are several aspects summarized by UBO. There are still many details in the production process of stainless steel wedge wire screens, such as how to reduce burrs during the production process, and how to adjust the mold during screen processing.

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