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Mine Sieving Screen Panel for Coal

Coal is found all throughout the world, and many industries rely on coal for fuel, electricity, and several other applications.

But do you know the equipment important that can withstand coal’s corrosive properties all while mining efficiently and yielding a high-quality product?

SS 304 316 mine sieving screen panel

Two distinct scenarios that Wedge Wire Mining Screen can help to improve major project criteria – namely capital expenditure, running costs, productivity & profitability. 

We can customizable and cost-effective screening and crushing solutions to the mining industry.

Coal recovery (Coal Cleaning) is an important process in the industry, and the Mining Wedge Wire Screen Panel can solve the problem.

Our SS 304 316 mine sieving screen panels are flat panels of pressure welded screens, forged in frames and prepared for assembly. Dynamically working segments to be built in vibrating sifters demand proper strengthening depending on screen load and proper frame which will guarantee proper fixing of screen to the sifter’s frame and extend life span.Segments working statically – they can work without special strengthening as bottoms and beds in tanks or storage and sewage reservoirs.

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