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Mine screen application and detailed description

The mine screen is a wire net product produced by processing stainless steel wire or wedge wire.

The stainless steel ginning net, the stainless steel supporting net and the coal screening net of the mining screen are the indispensable screen parts of the industrial net. Mainly used in metallurgy, coal, rubber, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, ceramics, glass, and other industries for solid particles, powder, screening and so on.

Wedge wire welding screen pressure screen is a high-efficiency screen that screens wet objects by pressure. It consists of a screen surface, a screen box, a feeding device, and an outlet. The screen surface is a key component of the pressure curve screen. It is made of stainless steel wedge wire. During operation, the wet material is sprayed from the nozzle mouth under the pressure of 0.2-0.4Mpa. The feed jet-speed produces a tangential force, and a knife-edge is formed at the edge of the wedge wire to scrape the material into a thin one. One layer makes the water and fine materials evenly dispersed, the sieve material is discharged from the slag outlet, and the sieved material enters the slurry outlet.

1. Filtration is mainly used in the petroleum industry for mud network, chemical fiber plating industry for pickling net and liquid gas filtration and purification.

2. The main protection is used for civil construction, cement, chicken, duck, goose, rabbit and zoo fence. Protection of machinery and equipment, highway guardrails, fences in stadiums, and fences on-road green belts.

3. Solid can be used in the construction industry, highways, bridges, steel bars, and skeleton support.

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