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One-stop Purchase of Wedge Wire Screen Panel

As a professional manufacturer of Wedge Wire Screen Panel, UBO has always been committed to improving product quality and developing new products. Our  Wedge Wire Screen is now exported to over 10 countries for filtration, sieving and screening applications. Our  Stainless Steel Wedge Wire products are of high quality and reasonable price, and are trusted by our customers to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

Our advatages:

1. We can provide you all kinds of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire, including Wedge Wire Screen Panel, Wedge Wire Pipe&Cylinder, Wedge Wire Screen Basket and Filter Nozzle. In addition, the special shape and type of Wedge Wire can be customized according to your requirements.


2. Stainless Steel Wedge Wire has a wide range of applications in many fields. They can be used as vibrating screens, flooring and decorative materials. They have more applications in mining, coal, chemical, food and water treatment applications for filtration, sieving and sieving. Different shapes and types of wedge mesh are suitable for more machines, including carbon filters, desulfurizers, molecular sieves, gaseous sweeteners and filters.


3. We have professional workers with extensive experience . A complete quality control system can further ensures product accuracy.


4. The common packaging for Stainless Steel Wedge Wire is waterproof paper and wooden box. Waterproof paper or plastic film protects the Stainless Steel Wedge Wire from moisture and sea water. A wooden box or tray prevents the wedge wire from being impacted.

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