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Resin Trap Screen

When the resin is used for on-line water treatment, when the water pressure disturbance is large (especially the high-pressure disturbance) and the resin cylinder wall is damaged, the resin will enter the whole water system, which will affect the normal operation of other equipment in the system.


In many systems, a failure can allow media to escape from the treatment vessel. Not only is the lost media expensive, but damage to downstream pumping equipment can add to the expense.

Resin Trap Screen

Resin Traps (media traps) using wedge wire screen placed inline provide effective protection against media losses.

Resin trapper is mainly to install a filter screen with a much smaller aperture than resin on the water system pipeline near the outlet of the ion exchanger and other equipment equipped with resin and has the function of flushing. When the resin passes by, it can be intercepted and captured by the filter screen. At the same time, it can be flushed automatically through the front and rear differential pressure to discharge the captured resin out of the system.

The resin trap screen is normally closed on one side and has a flange on the other for easy installation to the equipment. The resin trap screen has continuous slots and a smooth surface. It can be made for flow-in-to-out (FITO) or flow-out-to-in (FOTI) filtration.


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Resin Trap Screen

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