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Rotary Drum Screen For Filter Separator

The rotary drum screen is an important part of the drum filter. It is a wedge wire filter screen.

The rotary drum screen is used in industries such as sugar, coal mining & quarrying, mineral processing, cement, and industrial&urban effluent treatment, etc. It is genellary used for solid/liquid filter separator.

The applications of rotary drum screen for filter separator
1.Solid/liquid separation
Treatment of public utility sewage, community sewage, and wastewater from multistory buildings.
Sewage treatment at agricultural and stock farms (pigpens, henhouses, cowsheds, etc.).
Wastewater treatment at food processing plants (meat, chicken, fish meat, fruits, etc.).
Treatment of fish's scales, mozuku seaweed, etc.
2. Cleaning
Washing of filter sand.
Desalination and washing of sea sand.
Cleaning processes related to textiles, food material, and chemical products.
3. Concentration
The concentration of excess sludge in wastewater treatment.
The concentration of sludge in stock raising and marine product processing industries.
The concentration of a broad variety of slurry.

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Rotary Drum Screen For Filter Separator

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