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SS 316 Wedge Wire Flat Panel for Industrial Filtration

YUBO wedge wire flat panel is consists of a series of v-shape wires welded or looped on vertical support rods. The material is stainless steel 316 and it has good strength and acid and alkali resistance. It is widely used in industrial filtration.

What kind of industrial filtration is the SS 316 wedge wire flat panel used for? The answer is as follows:
YUBO SS 316 wedge wire flat panel is often used for water treatment, water/oil well drilling, food processing, coal-cleaning plant, mineral processing, aggregate processing, petrochemical, and other industrial filtration.

Why choose the YUBO SS 316 wedge wire flat panel for industrial filtration?
1. No-clogging Structure.
2. Low-pressure drop.
3. High-precision slot space & high slot opening ratio.
4. Corrosion resistance, acid, and alkali resistance.
5. High mechanical strength.
6. Can be customized according to your requirements.
7. YUBO has rich experience in producing wedge wire flat panels.

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional wedge wire and stainless steel product manufacturer in china. If you need our SS 316 wedge wire flat panel, please contact us at any time.

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