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SS Filter Drum for Beverage Processing

The production of food and beverages is important, although by no means the largest, component of the separation equipment market. Like beer, vegetable juice and sugar juice, mineral water processing, milk, and so on.

During the beverage processing, the SS filter drum is necessary. The wedge wire filter cylinder plays the important role in filtration and screening. The use of a rotary vacuum drum filter in the separation of sugar juice from settled-out muds, followed later by a ‘sugar centrifugal' to recover the crystallized product.

Materials: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 321, or other alloys(can custom).

The filter drum adopts v slot wires wounded and welded on the rod profile. It has uniform and continuous slots, large open filtration areas, and high mechanical strength.

Custom SS filter drum for beverage processing, if you need it, we can provide professional custom service!

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SS Filter Drum for Beverage Processing

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