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SS Pressure Sand Filter Nozzles

SS pressure sand filter nozzles are also called water filter nozzles or ion exchange nozzles. The pressure sand filter nozzles adopt stainless steel materials or as your requirements. They are rust-proof, compressive, and durable.

The SS pressure sand filter nozzles are manufactured from the profile screen. The V-shape wire is wounded on the support rod to form a strong filter structure. The filter nozzles are covered with a blind cap on one end and washer fixed with a threaded stem on the other end and can be secured with a nut and washer, usually installed in a vessel by an orifice plate.

There are four types of SS pressure sand filter nozzles: long-handle filter nozzle, short-handle filter nozzle, single filter nozzle, and double filter nozzle. No matter which one you need, we can customize it.

The SS pressure sand filter nozzles have many industrial applications. They are often used in common water treatment processes for activated carbon absorption, removal of suspended solids, sand, gravel, or ion exchange.

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the leading SS pressure sand filter nozzles manufacturers and suppliers. Our filter nozzles have high quality and competitive prices. Welcome to contact us about the products at any time.

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