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Screen Pipe for Beverage Processing

The stainless steel wedge wire pipe screen is a type usual screen pipe for beverage processing. It is used in filtration and sieving in beverage processing.

The fruit juice beverage production process generally has the following steps:dilution-filtration-homogenization-sugar dissolution and filtration-blending-filtration-sterilization-filling-light inspection-cooling. Filtration runs through the beverage processing process. The screen pipe plays an important role in some filtration prosses.

The wedge wire screen pipe for beverage processing consists of a sieve bar and a support bar. The V-shaped wire is wound on the support rod. It has continued gaps for the filter medium to pass through. The size of the gap and other specifications of the screen can be customized.

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. can custom produce and design screen pipe for beverage processing. The advantages of the screen pipe produced by YUBO:
1.High mechanical load capacity.
2.Automated welding process for high-precision manufacturing.
3.YUBO has its own design and production capacity, you only need to provide product requirements.
4.V-shaped opening design, no clogging, large filter area.

The above is the introduction of screen pipes for beverage processing. Welcome to contact us at any time.

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