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Some iron will rust, so stainless steel will rust? Stainless steel has a bright appearance, easy to clean, and corrosion resistance, so stainless steel products are increasingly used in the construction and decoration industries.

Stainless steel wedge wire filtration products do not mean that it will not rust, but it is not easy to rust. Specifically, whether the stainless steel plate will rust depends on whether the environment in which it is used is corrosive.

If there are more pollutants in the air, the surface of the stainless steel product will accumulate for a long time and the appearance will rust. However, if the rain does not contain corrosive substances, the stainless steel will not rust even if it rains.

Also, pay attention to whether the appearance of the stainless steel plate is damaged. If the surface does not have a protective film, it is more likely to rust, so a bright tube should be protected from scratching.

Does the stainless steel plate often rust? It depends on the look and uses the environment you choose. Of course, it is also related to the materials you buy. Among them, 304 and 316 materials have better corrosion resistance. Users in coastal areas are encouraged to choose 304 and 316 stainless steel plates.

In some filtration industry applications, whether it is stainless steel or stainless steel, regular cleaning and replacement is required to ensure the accuracy of filtration. We are a supplier in China stainless steel filtration products and can provide a variety of custom stainless steel filtration products for different industries, such as beer industry, food industry, coal industry, power plant, water plant, and other industries.

custom stainless steel wedge wire filtration pipe designcustom stainless steel wedge wire filtration pipe design

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