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Wedge Wire Applied for Petrochemical

Our factory has been supplying screen internals to the petrochemical industry for many years and has a wide range of products in our portfolio including filter Baskets, cylinder, Header Laterals, and Nozzles.


Typical Header Lateral applications are:

Sand filters

Ion exchangers

Activated carbon towers

And many more

wedge wire Header Lateral

Filter Nozzles

Optima nozzles are manufactured and supplied to suit customer requirements.

The size and quantity of nozzles will vary from application to application and are typically used as a collector or distributor.

wedeg wire nozzle screen

Oil Well Screens

We produce a range of wedge wire well screens for the oil & gas industry to suit individual clients' specifications. This can include additional internal or external pipe supports, as and when necessary, to achieve additional strength.

Oil Well Screens

We are the wedge wire screen supplier, we can supply the customed wedge wire filter screen for the Petrochemical industry, welcome contact us to custom.

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