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Wedge Wire Filter-High Strength High Pressure

We design, manufacture and market a wide variety of wedge wire screens for industrial applications.  The basic constructions are cylindrical screens (tubes) made of metal (usually stainless steel)  and welded or looped panels made of metal (usually stainless steel).

Our wedge wire filter elements are ideal for many challenging filtration applications. Our design provides:

Optimum structural strength for heavy loads

Minimal plugging and blinding

High pressure/pulsating pressure capability

Corrosive application suitability

Thermal resistance

Long-life — almost endless cleanability

Sterile application / food industry suitability

Low pressure drop

High flow rate

High Performance Filtration for Many Applications

If your process involves any aspect of fluid/solid separation, we have the products and experience to help you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

wedge wire filter elements

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