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Wedge Wire Filter Pipe for Water Well

The wedge wire filter pipe for the water well is consists of wedge wire(V-shape profile wire) and longitudinal support rods. Every intersection of them is fusion welded to form a rigid unit that has high strength and minimum weight. So the wedge wire well filter pipe has a strong mechanical ability and good filtering ability.

The V-shaped wire structure of the wedge wire filter pipe is anti-blocking to ensure the smooth flow of water. And the continuous slots make a wedge wire filter pipe have a large opening area, which reduces the water entering the speed and prevents sand from entering the water under high pressure.

The wedge wire filter pipe is often used in water wells to prevent the sand from entering the water. It also can be used with the deep well pump, water diving pump. Moreover, the wedge wire filter pipe can be used in filtration and screening of seawater desalination, waterworks, sewage treatment, softened water treatment, petroleum, coal washing, etc.

The wedge wire filter pipe has many benefits:
1. Chemical resistance and heat resistance, stainless steel, and a variety of alloy materials are anti-corrosion.
2. Low maintenance cost
3. Easy to install
4. Long life.

As the author knows, Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. can custom produce wedge wire filter pipes for water well. The wedge wire can be made in different hight and wide to suit various applications. The diameter, material, specification of the wedge wire pipe, and the size of the slot all can be customized as your per. If you are interested in our wedge wire filter pipes, contact us quickly.

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