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Wedge Wire Filter used in nuclear power plant

Water treatment is divided into physical treatment and chemical treatment. The wedge wire filter is a new type of filter material used in the physical treatment process.


Different from the traditional process, the wedge wire screen filter adopts the resistance welding process, which can realize automatic numerical control processing, with high filtration accuracy and structural strength, and can be backwashed and cleaned.

wedge wire filter used in nuclear power plant

Why use Wedge Wire Filter in Nuclear Power Plant?

Nuclear power generation requires large amounts of water to be drawn from the ocean, and water quality treatment is crucial.

Seawater needs to undergo multiple chemical and physical treatments before it can be used for power stations. Physical treatments include adsorption, precipitation or barrier methods to purify the water. The barrier method is to pass the water through the filter material, so that the larger impurities cannot pass through, and then get a cleaner Power station water.

As a new type of structural filter material, wedge wire filter screen has higher filtration precision and structural strength than other filter materials such as metal braided filter screen, powder sintered filter element and laminated filter screen. It is easy to backwash and clean, and has formed mature standardized series products in petrochemical industry, food industry and other industries.

At present, the commonly used filter materials in nuclear power plant include powder sintered filter element and laminated filter screen.

wedge wire filter screen

The sintering filter element is widely used in power plant sampling equipment, but the maintenance interval of nuclear power equipment is long, and Wedge Wire Screen filter has been gradually used on high-pressure filter, which can be backwashed and online blowdown under the same filtering accuracy, which is more favorable for equipment maintenance.

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