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Wedge Wire Grating for Urban Drainage System

Wedge wire gratings are widely used in urban drainage systems. The special V-shaped structure of the wedge wire makes each notch between adjacent wires V-shaped. The surface opening is narrow, gradually widening inward.

The wedge wire grating for the urban drainage system is made of materials of stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430, or as per your request. And the surface structure of the screen is welded at a 90-degree angle to the inwardly widened support profile.

Why does the urban drainage system use wedge wire grating instead of the other screen? The answer is obvious:
1.No clogging, large flow. The special v-shaped structure of the wedge wire guarantees this.
2.Continuous slotting makes the water flow uninterrupted and has high drainage efficiency.
3.Good backwashing ability.
4.The special welding process makes the structure stronger.
5.Stainless steel material, wear-resistant, durable, low cost, and good performance.

The importance of an urban drainage system is self-evident. So the same goes for the wedge wire grating of the urban drainage system. The application of the wedge wire grating: It is widely used in steel structure platforms, stair treads, sidewalks, drainages, and well covers, etc.

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