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Wedge Wire Resin Trap for Filtration

The surface of the wedge wire Resin Trap is smooth and has no edges and corners, which reduces friction and increases the effective filtering area. The filter gap is uniform, the minimum gap is 0.02mm, and the error is 0.005mm, which can meet the requirements of higher precision.

Wedge wire resin traps are widely used in tanks, pressure vessels, candle filters and automatic backwash filters in the water treatment industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry and other fields.

Advantages: high welding strength, uniform gap, high precision, corrosion resistance, long service life, smooth surface, no burrs, edges and corners on the surface of the filter element, and perfect roundness. Due to the special wedge wire structure, compared with other filter elements, it has the advantages of not being easily clogged, easy backwashing, and long service life.

It is a perfect substitute for other filter elements.

The main materials of the wedge wire Resin Trap produced by our factory are 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321,2205,904L, Hastelloy, etc. It can also be designed and produced according to customer needs.

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wedge wire Resin Traps


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