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Wedge Wire Screen For Brewing Industry

One of the main steps in the brewing process is lautering. In a word, its main job is to facilitate the filtration of crushed grains from the fermentation broth. This process is performed in a vessel called a lauter tun where false bottom is an integral part of the vessel. There are many different types of false bottoms for lautering. Finding the right equipment for the job is crucial important. Wedge wire screen is one of the main options for false bottom available on the market.

The lauter tun wedge wire screen allows the solid grain components of the mash to act as a filter to separate the wort. While the slot openings of the lauter screen false bottom don’t technically act as a filter in the process, they enable the most effective filtration to occur by supporting the grain, which itself becomes the filtering medium — holding back the smallest solids while allowing the wort to pass. A high-quality, tight tolerance construction is necessary to help ensure that the process occurs correctly and uniformly so that the resulting product — whether beer, liquor or wine — is not bittered or otherwise compromised by components that shouldn’t be part of the wort.

There are various benefits of using a false bottom made of wedge wire screen. These benefits provide an excellent alternative to solve the known problems inherently exist in other materials:

Large opening area with precise slot size, providing a high wort flow rate;
Higher mechanical strength to better support the grain;
Better efficiency to prevent grains from trapping or clogging holes;
Improved lautering speed.

If you want to use a wedge wire screen false bottom for brewing, Please contact our expert, we will provide high quality wedge wire screen false bottoms to meet your needs!

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