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Wedge Wire Screens In Food Beverage

We offer Wedge Wire Screens in a number of different applications within this wide-ranging industry. 

Food & Beverage applications where wedge wire screen filter element can be found include, but not limited to the following:

1. Corn Wet Milling

2. Malting Processes

3. Winery Processes

4. Sugar Processes

5. Brewing Processes

wedge wire screen in Food & Beverage

Principally in the Food & Beverage market segment, UBO offers DSM Screens of very fine slot openings which are manufactured to the highest quality.

Our expertise in wedge wire screen filter element also enables us to manufacture wedge wire screen falese bottom for use in breweries. So for whatever application you have that requires Wedge Wire Screens, feel free to contact us at UBO for a screening solution.

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