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Wedge wire Screen Nozzles for water treatment

One of our leading product line is our sugar mill filter nozzles which are manufactured in variety of designs offering compatibility, dependability and performance resulting in a long service life.

sugar mill filter nozzle manufacturer


Structure of Profile Screen Filter Nozzles

UBO Filter nozzles are covered with a blind cap on one end and washer fixed with a threaded stem on the other end and can be secured with a nut and washer, usually installed in a vessel by an orifice plate.

Structure of UBO Filter Nozzles

Application of Profile Screen Filter Nozzles

These nozzles are manufactured to suit customer requirements and are not restricted by screen diameter, connection type, slot or length. Nozzles are used by most leading filtration manufacturers in common water treatment processes for activated carbon absorption, removal of suspended solids, sand, gravel or ion exchange.

Application of UBO Filter Nozzles

Types of Filter Nozzles

Types of Filter Nozzles

Specifications of Profile Screen Filter Nozzles for Sugar Mill:

Specification of Profile Screen Filter Nozzles

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