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Wedge wire solid-liquid separator screen

Wedge wire solid-liquid separator screens are widely used in animal husbandries, such as pig manure solid-liquid separators, cow manure solid-liquid separators, and chicken manure solid-liquid separators. The filter inside the solid-liquid separator is also called (wedge filter), which is a key part. The wedge measurement soil and liquid separator screens are welded to the V-shaped line so they are not easily clogged. The filter has greater pressure and durability which is highly recognized by many customers.

Material:304, 316L

Practicality: The liquid residue of this series is separated quickly. The moisture content of the separated fecal residue is between 50-60%. The slag amount and moisture content can be adjusted. It can be applied to different components of feed (such as forage and concentrated feed). It is easy to transport and its solid is very suitable as a raw material for fish feed and organic fertilizer.

Advantages: This series of machines has strong decontamination ability, is not blocked, and is easy to clean. The treated fecal water contains solids, chemical oxygen demand, total oxygen consumption, and nitrogen and phosphorus removal rates of 70-95%.

Durability: The frame, screen frame, and screen of the series are made of stainless steel and are made of anti-corrosion treatment. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, and long service life.

Economy: This series is highly automated, low power consumption and low price. Easy to operate Just press the start-stop button to operate.

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