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What Are The Advantages of The Wedge Wire Screen Pipe

What are the advantages of the wedge wire screen pipe? The article will tell you.

The advantages of the wedge wire screen pipe:
1.Uninterrupted flow. The application of the wedge wire on the filter element creates a V-shaped opening between the screen gaps. Due to the inherent advantages of this device, it can operate more efficiently than other forms of filtration products. It not only ensures the smoothness of water filtration, but also the flow rate of the wedge-shaped filter pipe is 3 times that of the bridge-type filter pipe in terms of work efficiency. It is 9 times that of a slotted water filter!
2.Good strength, no further support structure needed. The T-shaped winding wire and all the longitudinal support rods are connected and combined by electric welding, which is strong and durable, has a longer working life cycle, and low overall cost.
3.The gap range of the filter tube is large. Any screen gap size between 0.02mm-60mm can be made according to actual needs to meet different application conditions.
4.A continuous slot opening that significantly increases the available open area, thus providing greater access to the water-bearing zone.

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Wedge Wire Screen Pipe

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