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What Is The Working Principle of The Water Distributor

What is the working principle of the water distributor? Today we will introduce it.

The water distributor is a device that arranges the water volume according to a certain rule on a certain working area. The water distributor is composed of a series of screens connected to a central header or hub. The screen of the hub (also called the cloth head) plays a major role.

The operating principle of the water distributor is as follows:
The cooling water flows into the water distribution pipe through the water inlet pipe, and then forms a water flow through the spray holes on the water distribution pipe, and is sprinkled on the filler of the cooling tower. Because the diameter of the nozzle hole is relatively small, the water flow has a certain speed. According to the principle of force and reaction force, the water distribution pipe is rotated by the force opposite to the direction of the water flow, so that the water flow is continuously distributed to the filling of the cooling tower.

The tips: the water distributor seems simple, but the determination of the parameters of each part is very important, and there is a certain logical relationship between the parameters.

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