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What are the properties of the Wedge Wire Screen Panel

With the development of economy, Wedge Wire Screen Panel is widely used, especially in metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, blast furnace slag, Coca Cola and other raw materials), nonferrous metals, gold, coal, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower engineering, abrasive waste treatment, quarries and other industries, such as ore washing, screening, grading, slag removal, dehydration, protective cover and so on Industry.
There are many kinds of sieve plate materials. Generally, low-carbon steel and stainless steel filter plate are used. They can also be made of other metal and non-metal materials. In contrast, the rigid material of the Wedge Wire Screen Panel has a unique performance. The vibrating screen usually consists of Wedge Wire Screen Panel, which is damaged by vibration. Generally speaking, this is not easy to happen. As the Wedge Wire Screen Panel is a rigid material, the wear-resistant and shockproof function is the unique performance of the material itself, and the drop of the material is not a large one-time drop on the Wedge Wire Screen Panel. Generally speaking, the bearing side will not cause damage to the sieve plate. The reason for the damage of the Wedge Wire Screen Panel is that the installation is unreasonable.
Specifically, the unreasonable compaction equipment results in the change of the panel frame. In this kind of unreasonable installation, Wedge Wire Screen Panel is easy to crack after a period of vibration. Another situation is that the hardness of the Wedge Wire Screen Panel itself is not enough and it is a poor product. According to the normal quality Wedge Wire Screen Panel and the installation procedure, the Wedge Wire Screen Panel is used as the vibrating screen, which can be avoided when the vibration is damaged.
From the perspective of industrial development, good performance and quality are also some specifications for everyone to choose from. Users want to buy reliable products. These products are often innovative and improved in terms of production skills, and this is also the embodiment of industrial progress. However, the stainless steel filter screen also shows the production function and gives a better evaluation of the good products. From the point of view of producing industrial products, this is also the standard of choosing good products, as well as making users clearly choose from which aspects.

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