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What causes the Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate to crack

Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate is a newly developed product in the wire mesh industry. It is a metal mesh structural element used for screening and filtering. Mine screens include polyurethane screens, manganese steel ore screens, and stainless steel ore screens.
1. The desire for cheap and profit
Some manufacturers are eager to get cheap, thinking about their own profits, choosing unqualified suppliers, and selecting low-quality screens. These reasons are also a cause of the mine screen cracking. Because the material used is not reasonable, it will also affect the service life of the entire device. Therefore, when choosing an ore screen, you must choose from the material.
2. Power
Because of the different diameter equipment of the mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate, the motor power used is different, and the vibration motor power has a tolerance range. If the novice user who has just contacted does not understand the manual and the tolerance range, when the excitation force is out of range, it will also cause the screen is cracked.
3. Excessive feed
Because the operating staff is eager to complete the workload of the task, the amount of each feeding increases, which causes the screen load to be screened and also causes the screen to crack. Therefore, even feeding can ensure that the screening efficiency and output meet their own requirements.
4. Screening equipment quality of Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate
The quality of the Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate is also very important. If the screen is of inferior quality, it will also cause the screen to crack. Therefore, pay special attention to the quality of the screen.

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