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What is the use of Wedge Wire Screens panels in the petrochemical industry?

In the refinery and petrochemical plant, Wedge Wire Screens panels are mainly used for catalytic reforming reactor scallop, radial device in pipe, inside the basket and the basket; entrance distributor, general reactor fouling in the basket, the catalyst bed support grid, etc. are also used for outlet collector; filter tube, centrifuge basket and vibration sieve. It is widely used and can be designed according to process requirements.

Wedge Wire Screens panels are manufactured by wrapping and welding stainless steel V-shaped profile wire cylindrically around support rods, then be made to panel screen through cutting and edge welding. Each profile wire and support rod is contacted by resistance welding. The support bar will be a flat bar, round bar, triangle wire and so on, slot size range from 0.2mm to 3mm.

Wedge Wire Screens panels

UBO can provide a variety of Johnson screens panels, no borders, borders, opposite borders, etc., the material can also be customized according to your requirements.

Wedge Wire Screens panels supplier

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