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choose guide to v shaped wedge wire screens

V-shaped wedge wire screens can be custom of various types and specifications. A wide variety of wedge wire products are available including wedge wire panels, sieve bend screens, filter nozzles, cylinders, lateral assemblies, etc. Suitable for various industrial applications and filtration.

We are a professional v-shaped wedge wire screen manufacturer&supplier&whoesaler. Can be used for water treatment systems, chemistry industry filtration, food, and beverage, oil, and mining.

v-shaped wedge wire screen

Interpret of v-shaped wedge wire screens

V-shaped wedge wire screens are composed of wedge wire profiles and support profiles. They are welded together and have a continuous, uniform filter slot. Allows liquid to pass through while filtering out larger particles.


wedge wire tube

Benefits of our v-shaped wedge wire screens

1. Anti-clogging structure, high filtration efficiency.
2. High-pressure resistance, able to withstand vigorous cleaning and maintenance.
3. Self-cleaning functions, easy maintenance.
4. Its smooth filter surface effectively releases contaminants.

Choose a suggestion of v-shaped wedge wire screens

Our wedge wire technology experts can customize different filtration products according to your filtration application. Provide custom design service and filtration solutions.

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