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Wedge wire vibratory sieve is ideal for applications such as coal, mineral aggregate screening, and processing. We are a professional wedge wire screen supplier and manufacturer providing OEM and custom solution services for coal industries.

coal vibratory sieve

We supply various types of wedge wire coal vibratory sieves including polyurethane screens. Generally, the main material is stainless steel. The 304, and 316 material is the most.

Our coal vibratory screen panels play an important role in the coal mining industry.
1. Widely used for separating different grades of coal and recovery of fine coal particles.
2. Also can remove cinders to varying degrees and allow for quick draining and simultaneous drying.
3. Save manpower and material resources in the coal industry and greatly improve operational efficiency.

The running and cleaning process of clean coal filter:

In the above cleaning process, the vibrating screen plate has made an important contribution. If you need custom wedge wire vibratory sieves, contact us at any time! Email:

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