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drum screen for wastewater treatment

The wedge wire drum screen is built for heavy pretreatment applications such as draining, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial wastewater treatment.

Our V-shaped wire water well screen, welded at each intersection point with the V-shaped around the wire and V-shaped ribs(or circular ribs).With the firm structure, high porosity, accurate slot size, especially suitable for the well fine sand and powder sand strata.The filter has the high proportion of filter area, maximum up to 60%.V-wire screen pipe is easy to reverse wash, long service life, safe and reliable, and low comprehensive cost.


1. Simple and Reliable Machinery

2. High Capture Rate

3. Safe & Easy Access

4. Minimal Maintenance

5. All-In-One Solution

drum screen

Packaging and Transportation of cylinder screen filtering elements:

1.Each product is packed with bubble bag and then few bags to a wooden case (fumigation certificate)

2.We have a very trust forwarding company cooperate for long time and establish a solid partnership,of course,you can also arrange forward to take products from our factory.

wedge wire drum screen filter element

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