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static sieve bend screen

The static sieve bend screen also called the static filter screener, DSM sieve bend is made of wedge wire profiles and support profiles. The material is generally stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, etc. Can also be made of polyurethane.

static sieve bend screen

Static sieve bend screen working principle

The static sieve bend screen is curved, and the impurities (slurry) are poured into the material box and overflow onto the screen. The sharp leading edge of each wedge wire cuts away a thin layer of water and small particulate solids. Larger particles slide down with gravity until most of the liquid is removed.

Application case of static sieve bend screen


Static sieve bend screen application areas

• Media recovery
• Dewatering
• Desliming
• Trash removal
• Can be used in conjunction with
• Vibrating Screens

Static sieve bend screen features

• Maximum open area and drainage
• Wide range of profiles available
• High filtration efficiency
• No electricity is required, saving and environmental protection
• Long service life

sieve bend screen

What factors need to be considered when choosing a sieve bend screen?

• Particle size cut point.
• Feed rate.
• Solids concentration.
• Maximum particle size or size distribution.

Static sieve bend screen manufacturer&supplier&exporter in China

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