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the ultimate guide for wedge wire screen plate

The wedge wire screen plate is composed of v-wire profiles and support profiles. Surface profiles, usually v-shaped wires are rigidly connected to support profiles by means of resistant welding. The distance between the v-shaped wire is controlled accurately, as it forms a slot that enlarges inwardly, thus creating a large open area and clog-resistant surface.

Our high-quality wedge wire screens are the perfect combination of work efficiency and results. Used in a diverse range of applications that require screening, filtering, dewatering, sizing, drying, or cleaning.


wedge wire screen plate

Structure: wedge wire screen.
Material: high-quality stainless steel and other alloys. Available with polyurethane frame.

Benefits of wedge wire screen plates

● Excellent filtering performance
● Accurate distance between supporting profiles
● Welded production process for a solid and strong structure
● Good mechanical properties
● High strength
● High load capacity
● Corrosion and rust resistance
● Temperature resistance
● Chemical stability

Application industries of wedge wire screen plates

● Water treatment system
● Chemical Industry
● Mine and Coal
● Food and beverages

We are a professional wedge wire screen plate manufacturer&supplier&factory in China. Our wedge wire filters are sold all over the world. We sincerely hope to establish good trade relations with new and old customers at home and abroad on the basis of mutual benefit and friendly cooperation.

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