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wedge wire collector filter

Wedge wire collector filters(also called header lateral screens) are composed of steel pipe (main pipe) and multiple screen pipes (branch pipes). Can efficiently collect or distribute liquid/gas while preventing the medium from flowing out.

The wedge wire collector filter is widely used in ion exchange equipment, media filters, sand filters, resin tanks, silicate filters, and tank equipment in the chemical industry and water treatment industries.

wedge wire collector filter for tank

We can provide effective custom and design filtration solutions for industrial applications. Custom produce various specifications and types of wedge wire collector filters. Flow through the treatment medium at various flow rates.

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wedge wire collector filter

Filtration principle and structure of wedge wire collector filters

The wedge wire collector filter is mainly composed of a central pipe and several wire-wrapped branch pipes. By adjusting the size, type, and distribution quantity of the branch pipes, an excellent collection and distribution filtration process can be achieved.

Our wedge wire collector filters enable uniform and efficient distribution and collection of liquid or gas to be treated.

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