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wedge wire filter filtration in the chemical industry

Chemical Filtration is the process of deep filtration that removes particulates, haze, salts, free water, and precipitates. Wedge wire filters are required in the chemical filtration process.

There is a line of internals used in downflow or upflow systems to retain the often-costly media and to provide a collection area for the process flow across the entire vessel diameter or length.

There are some wedge wire filters that performed well in chemical filtration. Like reactor wedge wire screen, tower internals industry inner pipe, tower internals industry inner basket, tower internals inner screen, catalyst bed support grid, and Wedge wire Reactor Internals.

Because of their strength, durability, and flow characteristics, our support grid, and distributor tray systems are widely used in hydrotreaters, desulfurizes, hydrocrackers, molecular sieves, sand filters, gas sweeteners, and other absorption systems.

wedge wire filter in the chimical industry

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