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wedge wire profile screen laterals

Profile Screen Laterals-Provide Support for Average Water Distribution


Profile screen laterals have 2 types including header laterals and hub laterals. The design provides support for average water distribution and ensures uniform collection or distribution flow of a gas or liquid through treatment media without dead zones.


wedge wire profile screen laterals


Header lateral

The header lateral design is used for horizontal vessels, larger diameter vertical vessels, and rectangular underdrains. This design provides the best distribution and makes the most effective use of media.


Hub lateral

In small diameter vertical vessels the hub lateral design may be utilised for economy.


wedge wire water hub lateral

Lateral pipe-screen

The lateral pipe-screen is the important component of the profile screen lateral. Can be a wedge screen or other.

For collection and distribution applications where additional strength is required,standard screens with heavy internal drilled pipes may be utilised.Internal support bars can also be added where extra beam strength is required.


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