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wedge wire screen collector with hub spokes

The Wedge wire collector with hub spokes is a type of collector and distributor assembly. Its morphology is similar to that of several filter tubes connected to a header or a hub. Excellent collection or distribution of gases or liquids within media.

Wedge Wire Screen Collector with Hub Spokes

The number of branch pipes can be custom according to practical application and requirements. The size and type can be also custom. Design Videos:

It has no dead zones, wall effects, or channels, in order to maximize efficiency.

The wedge wire screen collector with hub spokes can be used in petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, nuclear power, gas turbine power generation, wind power, coal-fired power generation, construction machinery, coal mine, and other fields.

The purpose of the top, or bottom, distributor and collector assembly is to collect or distribute a uniform flow within the media and specially designed for intermediate collection or distribution in the mixed-bed process.

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