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wedge wire support grid custom

Wedge wire support grid(tower internals support grid) can be custom used in cooling tower packing, petrochemical, refining, and other applications.

Usually used in tower internals, provide the most efficient way to introduce gas into the bottom of the packed bed and reduce initial pressure drop and vessel height requirements.

Tower Internals Support Grid

Specifications and Sizes of wedge wire support grids are customized to apply the application requirements. There are whole type and joint type support grids for choice.

wedge wire support grid

Mainly used in the packed towers. not only used to support the weight of packing or liquid-attached packing, but also to ensure the smooth passage of upward gas.

We are quite experienced with wedge wire support gids or other wedge wire filters. Leave your application and product requirements below the website, or contact me directly for product consultation!

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