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  • static filter screener for wastewater treatment

    In wastewater treatment plants, the static filter screener is used for pre-treatment. Static filter screeners are used to removing suspended solids from wastewater, which can then be treated further by other methods....


  • wedge wire filtration in the oil industry

    The filtration Process is an essential prerequisite for the oil industry. Wedge wire filtration is a type of mechanical filtration system that uses a combination of wedge-shaped grooves and slots in the filter media to capture contaminants....


  • wedge wire filtration in the sugar industry

    Wedge wire filtration is a reliable and cost-efficient solution for the sugar industry. We provide custom wedge wire filters and filter housings for the sugar industry....


  • self cleaning filter for chemical wastewater treatment

    We provide self-cleaning filters&filter housings for chemical wastewater treatment. Welcome to contact us! Email: sales@ubowire.com...


  • wedge wire collector filter

    Wedge wire collector filters(also called header lateral screens) are composed of main pipe and multiple screen pipes. Can efficiently collect or distribute liquid/gas while preventing the medium from flowing out....


  • profile wire screen tube for industrial filtration

    Profile wire screen tube is composed of working profiles and support profiles. Widely used in industrial filtration such as oil, gas, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc.Email:sales@ubowire.com...


  • 2023 Happy New Year Holiday Notice

    Our company will be closed during the following period as the Chinese New Year Holiday: From 2023.1.19 until 2023.1.28 ...


  • rotary sieve wedge wire screen

    Rotary sieve wedge wire screen is also called wedge wire screen cylinder or stainless steel filter cylinder. Suit various industries for water treatment filtration solutions. ...


  • choose guide to v shaped wedge wire screens

    V-shaped wedge wire screens can be custom of various types and specifications. A wide variety of wedge wire products are available including wedge wire panels, sieve bend screens, filter nozzles, cylinders, lateral assemblies, etc. ...


  • the ultimate guide for wedge wire screen plate

    Our high-quality wedge wire screens are the perfect combination of work efficiency and results. Used in a diverse range of applications that require screening, filtering, dewatering, sizing, drying, or cleaning....


  • static sieve bend screen

    The static sieve bend screen also called the static filter screener, DSM sieve bend is made of wedge wire profiles and support profiles. The material is generally stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, etc. Can also be made of polyurethane.Email: sales@ubowire.com...


  • wedge wire centrifugal screen basket manufacturer

    YUBO provides professional wedge wire screen centrifugal screen basket custom services. Our wedge wire baskets are based on high quality, high standards, and fast delivery, popular with clients all over the world. sales@ubowire.com...


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