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  • Sludge dewatering Screw Press Screen Pipe

    The screw press screen pipe produced by Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is sold all over the world. And it can be custom produce. Welcome to inquire about this product.+86 135 2283 8175...


  • V Wire Screen Panel Filters with Strong Bearing Capacity

    YUBO supplies wedge wire screens, which include v wire screen panel filters with strong bearing capacity. The wedge wire is wound of the support rod to be made of the v wire screen panel filter....


  • Wedge Wire Pipe Custom

    The wedge wire pipe can be custom designed and produced to meet a variety of different application scenarios. YUBO custom produces wedge wire pipes. Contact e-mail:sales@ubowire.com...


  • Wedge Wire Screen Basket for Mineral Processing

    YUBO is a professional manufacturer in producing wedge wire screen productions including wedge wire screen baskets for mineral processing. Contact e-mail:sales@ubowire.com...


  • Screen Pipe for Beverage Processing

    The stainless steel wedge wire pipe screen is a type usual screen pipe for beverage processing. It is used in filtration and sieving in beverage processing....


  • Wedge Wire Grating for Urban Drainage System

    Wedge wire gratings are widely used in urban drainage systems. The special V-shaped structure of the wedge wire makes each notch between adjacent wires V-shaped. ...


  • High-pressure Filter Nozzle Manufacturer in China

    The high-pressure filter nozzle can be fixed on the filtering equipment for filtering water, steam, oil, resin, and other media. YUBO is a dependable high-pressure filter nozzle manufacturer in china....


  • Where Can The Lateral Water Distributor Be Used in

    The lateral water distributor can be used in many industries including water treatment, beer brewing, water well drilling, oil well drilling, mineral processing, coal washing plant, oil refining, petrochemical, and so on....


  • Wedge Wire Parabolic Screen for The Sugar Industry

    The parabolic screen composed of wedge-shaped wire mesh is called wedge wire parabolic screen(also called sieve bend screen). It is often used in the sugar industry. ...


  • The Application Industries of The Stainless Steel Ion Exchange Nozzle

    The stainless steel ion exchange nozzle can be designed for filtration or treatment systems. They are widely used in water treatment and other industries....


  • Water Screen Nozzles in Water Treatment Equipment

    In the water treatment equipment, the water screen nozzles can act as a drainage medium retention element, a flow distributor in a desalinize, a water softener in pressure and gravity sand filter, etc. ...


  • What Is The Working Principle of The Water Distributor

    The article introduces some applications and the working principle of the water distributor produced by Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd....


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