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sidehill dewatering screen

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sidehill dewatering screensidehill dewatering screensidehill dewatering screen

sidehill dewatering screen

Category:Sieve Bend Screen
Material:stainless steel 304,304L,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
Properties:sieve bend screen
Application:water-treatment,beer brewing,water well drilling ,oil well drilling ,mineral processing, coal-cleaning plant,refining & petrochemical

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Details of sidehill dewatering screen

The sidehill dewatering screen retains the solids on the surface of the screen from where they are removed by the movement down the slope of the screen. The filtered liquid falls through the screen and creates a self-cleaning effect. The solids are thrown out by the gliding down the slope and can be collected in a stainless-steel drain container.

And each screen is designed and manufactured to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The wedge wire dewatering curve bend screen panel are made from two elements the V-shaped wedge wire is helically wound around an array of internal longitudinal support rods. Each intersection of wire and rods is automatically resistance welded, creating a very strong cage-like cylinder with one continuous slot spiralling along its full length. The gap between the wires, also called slot or aperture, is manufactured to customer specification, allows water to flow from the surrounding aquifer into the screen.

All our sidehill dewatering screen can be supplied in standard material of SS304/ SS316/ SS316L. Many other material grades are available on request.

structure of sidehill dewatering screen

Advantage of sidehill dewatering screen

1) Non Plugging slots

2) V-shaped wire creating, two point particle contact preventing plugging.

3) Inwardly opening slots (in-flow) preventing sand particles from remaining lodged in screen.

4) The V-shaped wire enhances well efficiency, ensures consistent pumping and long well life.

5) Large Open Area

The continuous slot wedge wire offers higher open area than any other type of screens used for water well applications, such as slotted pipe, punched pipe, louver screens.

7) Wedge wires for each application are selected to maximize open area, resulting in the lowest possible cost for water extraction.

Application of sidehill dewatering screen


The SS slot wire dewatering curve bend screen panel are manufactured to suit a wide range of industries such as Sugar, Coal Mining & Quarrying, Mineral Processing, Cement, and Industrial & Urban Effluent Treatment etc. Sieve bend screens are also used as a pre-filter in urban & industrial waste treatment plants to improve the performance of the clarifier by drastically reducing the load. Widely used for fiber removal in Starch industry.

sidehill dewatering screen

Specifications of sidehill dewatering screen:

Wedge wire parabolic sieve bend screen

Material SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS321, Duplex, Hastelloy, etc
Length Range Up to 6000mm
Width Range Up to 6000mm
Slot Range 20 micron to 3000 micron (Tolerance:+-5 micron)
Wedge Wire 0.5x1.5 0.75x1.5 1x2 1.5x2.5 2x3 2x4 3x5
Support Rod 1.5x2.5
2x3 3*5 3x5 3x5
Angle 90°,120°,140°,150°,160° etc.
Arc height 10mm,15mm,20mm,50mm or depend on you size of screen panel.
Frame No frame or ” L” type frame, ordinary frame, 5*10mm frame etc, according to your request.
Note Customized according to requirement

Packaging and Transportation of sidehill dewatering screen:

SS wedge wire slot wire dewatering curved sieve bend screen panel

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