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Wine screening and filtration

One of the main steps in the wine brewing process is sieving and filtration. In short, its main job is to promote the filtration of broken grains from the fermentation broth. This process is carried out in a container called a filter barrel, and the false bottom/circular filter screen is the main component of the container. There are many different types of circular filter screens that can be used for different types of equipment filtration. Wedge-shaped steel wire mesh is one of the main choices of circular filter screens available on the market.

The main job of the wort is to support the mash bed, confine the grains above the floor, while allowing the liquid wort in the waste wort to flow through. There are false bottoms manufactured by different methods, such as perforated or slotted sheet metal. However, these wrong round filter screens still have some inherent problems:

1. The circular filter screen is blocked, reducing the flow rate;

Low filtration efficiency prevents grains from entering the wort through the false bottom, clogging the pump for recovery or transferring the wort to the next process.

2. The wrong round filter sieve is bent or moved out of position, causing the wort and wort to pass together.

3. The wedge-shaped wire mesh screen false bottom is manufactured in a unique way. The wire is V-shaped with a wide top, which provides excellent support for the maltose syrup bed. Since the bottom end of the wires is narrower, the spacing between the wires will be wider, thereby providing a larger opening area and allowing more material to pass through. During the manufacturing process of the wedge screen, parallel support rods are welded to the metal wire. This leaves only two contact points on the wedge wire, thereby reducing clogging. In addition, the smooth surface of the wedge wire makes cleaning easier.

There are many advantages to using a false bottom filter screen made of wedge-shaped wire mesh. These benefits provide an excellent alternative to solve the known problems inherent in other materials:

Large opening area, accurate notch size, high wort flow rate;

Higher mechanical strength can better support grains;

Higher efficiency, can prevent grains from stagnating or clogging holes;

Improve the filtration speed.

If you want to use wedge-shaped screen false bottom for brewing, please contact us, we will provide high-quality wedge-shaped screen false bottom to meet your needs!

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