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how does a sieve bend screen work

The sieve bend screen(DSM screen) is the simplest solid-liquid separator with low maintenance and construction cost—large treatment capacity with high filter precision.

sieve bend screen

The sieve bend screen is a wedge wire flat screen with a curved arc. Curved surface structure supplies a higher flow rate, greater capacity, and better filtering than wedge wire screen flat panels.

the working principle of sieve bend screen
How does a sieve bend screen work?

The water to be treated is evenly distributed to the Static Sieve Bend Screen surface through the overflow weir. The solid matter is intercepted, and the filtered water flows from the gap of the screen plate. At the same time, under the action of hydraulic power, the solid matter is pushed to the lower end of the sieve plate to discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

The sieve bend screen is our main product. It is an important filtration solution for a solid-liquid separation system. For more details welcome to contact us. WhatsApp/skype: +86 136 5328 5589

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