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petrochemical filtration

According to Wikipedia--"Petrochemicals are the chemical products obtained from petroleum by refining. " The petrochemical is so important to maintain a lot of energy supply in our lives.

petrochemical filtration

In the Refinery and Petrochemical Industry, an efficient filtration/separation system is critical to the reliability and performance of the physical assets that process petroleum products.

YUBO provides a series of safe and reliable petrochemical filtration solutions and filtration products for petrochemical.

Our petrochemical filtration solutions offer widely benefits:
• Increased Process Performance
• Decreased Downtime
• Lower Maintenance Costs
• Improved Operating Efficiencies


Filtration is an important process in the oil & gas industry to protect downstream equipment such as compressors, gas turbines, amine or glycol absorbers, molecular sieves, PSA's, metering stations, mercury guard beds, gas-fired heaters or furnaces, and heat exchangers.

YUBO manufactures various types of wedge wire filters and metal filter elements for petrochemical industries, including sintered filters, pleated filters, wedge wire cylinders, panels, filter elements, etc. with corrosion resistant, high filtration performance.

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