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wedge wire flat panel screens filter

Our wedge wire flat panel screen filters are manufactured by welding special profiled working wires to support wires at an angle of 90 degrees.

Depending on the kind of application, flat panel screens filter be fastened to the frame and suitable for assembly and can be divided into:
1) In dynamic systems:
-panels to be incorporated in vibrating sieves.
-special reinforcement depending on the sieve load is necessary.
-special finishing guarantees secure, long working time, and properly fixing of the sieve to the application frame.
2) In static systems:
-do not require any special reinforcements.
-can work as bottoms and decks in tanks and storage reservoirs and sumps.

wedge wire flat screens filter


What usages do the flat panels have?

The wedge wire flat screens are mainly used for liquid and solid filtration and screening. Include the industrials like:

applications of wedge wire flat screens filter

• Water process

Municipal drinking water treatment
Wastewater treatment
Industrial water treatment
Ion exchanger
Desalination of seawater

• Gas and oil industries

Production of fuel and lubricants
Drying of natural gas
Regeneration of catalysts
Catalytic reactors
Protection of fittings and compressors

water process

• Mining

Coal enrichment
• Food industry
Fluidized beds

• Chemical industry

Processing of paint and coating
Processing of chemicals

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