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  • How to Maintenance of Candle Filters

    Candle Filters are very perfect suited for handling flammable, toxic and corrosive materials because they are autoclaved and designed for hazardous environments when high pressure and safe operation are required. Also, they may be readily jacketed for applications whenever hot or cold temperatures are to be preserved. These features are not possible on Filterpresses which require the opening of plates to the atmosphere by one to allow cake discharge at the end of each cycle....


  • Softened water equipment water Distributor and installation of Central tube

    Softened water equipment water Distributor and installation of Central tubeA. use PVC plastic Center tube is glued together with the water.B. bonding Center tube inserted after the resin tank....


  • Wedge Wire Screen Filter Application in Filtering Tank

    Stainless steel filtering rank include the tank shell,Multiple filter,backwash part,pressure drop controller,etc.The diaphragm plate in the no tower-water supply tank shelf separate the tank into the top zone and the bottom zone. In the top zone, there are some filters...


  • The Gravity Sieve screen used for the starch

    pressure curved sieve is a kind of the high efficiency working screen that working by the pressure, and it is make up with the sieve screen, the sieve case, feeding device and exit device....


  • Structure and Working Principle of Trommel Screen

    Trommel main motor, reducer, roller units, racks, closures, material inlet and outlet components. Tilt cylinder device is mounted on the rack. The drum motor through a reduction means connected together by coupling the drive roller means rotatable about its axis....


  • The rapid development of stainless steel Wedge wire screen

    In recent years, with the rapid development of stainless steel wedge wire screen,the stainless steel wedge wire screen is wildly used in industry and all aspects daily life, people are more common in the work and life of the products....


  • Two Working Ways of Seive Plate

    Sieve Plate works in two ways: horizontal and vertical....


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