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Application of Stainless Steel Water Filter Nozzle

Application of Stainless Steel Water Filter Nozzle

Our company produces stainless steel water filter nozzle ( Filter cap) use the 304, 316l stainless steel materials. Smooth Surface, without burrs, High bearing strength, not step on get broken, in water nozzle Structure,used strengthening the thread, the introduction of rubber gaskets, the connect point is strength, never falls off.The bottom of Water filter nozzle designed to enhance joint at the end of the base, and filter plate without a backwater, no sludge and so on.

This screen can be according to different design requirements and the filter water nozzle work environment on using, use different structure filter water cap ( such as : long handle, and short handle, by flow can be is divided into : Flow : 0.5 tons, and 1 tons, and 1.5 tons, and 2 tons ), long handle filter water nozzle, application filter pool Gas Water anti - washing distribution water system ; short handle filter water nozzle,application for  filter pool single water anti - washing and gravity type, and pressure type filter tank and the ion exchange filter bed such as distribution water filter system.

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